For Jameson its not all about the pot still whiskey! This whiskey showcases the impact of Grain whiskey and its influence on the overall flavour and balance of Jameson. This whiskey is again a blend of a pot still and grain whiskey but this time there is a much higher proportion of grain whiskey in order to highlight its impact and flavour contribution of vanilla coupled with floral and fragrant fruity flavours. Available exclusively in Global Travel Retail, the series offers a unique expression and reinterpretation of a Jameson favourite by deconstructing and amplifying the core attributes of Jameson Original to inspire the creation of three entirely new taste experiences – Jameson Bold, Jameson Lively and Jameson Round. Serving Suggestions: Enjoy neat on the rocks or alternatively try 'The Lively One' Cocktail. • Ingredients: 50ml Jameson Lively, 20ml Aperol, 2x Bar spoons of cherry jam, 20 ml Red ale, 1 dash orange bitters • Method: Add all ingredients except the ale to a Boston shaker and shake well. Double Strain into a lowball glass filled with cubed ice. Add the red ale and stir for a few seconds. Garnish with Blood orange twist
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Marca Jameson
Pack Size 1l